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ThesesAssistDrawer, is a small, yet powerful tool that can help you configure the layout of your paper, thesis or science article. TAD features quick creating thesis template, quick inserting captions or cross-references for pictures, tables or equations, quick editing references, quick inserting footnote, smart recording document location, smart putting landscape pages in the middle of portrait pages, and quick placing multiple figures. TAD is compatible with 2007 or newer version of Microsoft Word. Thesis Template TAD enables you to manage (Add, Delete, or Apply) thesis template styles, and to create a thesis template with auto-numbered headings via a button click. Caption TAD enables you to insert captions for figures, tables, or equations in a tick of time. The captions inserted by TAD can also be bilingual ones if 'Bilingual' is checked in the settings. Cross Reference TAD enables you to insert cross-references to captions, headings, references, and pages with only a few clicks. With TAD running, you don't have to open 'Cross-reference' dialog box in Word to insert cross-references. References TAD enables you to add or edit references in one of two ways: list paragraph and end note, and to merge consecutive cross-references to refs automatically. Record Location TAD enables you to record the document location with only a button click. Besides, TAD can record the document location before cross-reference jumping, and jump back to the recorded location via a button click. Landscape Page TAD enables you to insert a landscape page in the middle of portrait pages, with the header and footer adjusted automatically. Multiple Figures TAD enables you to layout 2 through 30 figures in one of two ways: shared caption and multi captions, and to easily adjust the size of the figures. Planet Wheel TAD enable you to execute shortcut keys command or complex keyboard operations.

Change info
Improved the user interface, and fixed some bugs.
System requirements
2007 or newer version of Microsoft Word.
An evaluation mode license expires 20 days after the product is installed
The trial version of ThesesAssistDrawer can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchanged form.
THE CONDITIONS OF THE LICENSE AGREEMENT LISTED BELOW ARE IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY 1) This software is ThesesAssistDrawer, which is a shareware program. 2) Anyone may get a free trial code after running this software as long as his or her computer is connected to the internet. After the trial period of 20 days, if you want to continue to use this software, you MUST register with the purchased registration code. 3) Unregistered use of this software after the 20 days trial period is in violation of P.R.C. and international copyright laws. 4) Once registered, you MUST guarantee that you do not leak out the registration code. 5) You can register multiple computers with a single registration code under the limit that these computers do not run this software simultaneously. If you break this limit, TujiaStudio has the right to invalidate the registration code. 6) If the registration code is invalidate due to any illegal operations, you can send email to to reclaim a new one. However, TujiaStudio do not guarantee to reply the email in time. 7) This software may be freely distributed as long as no modification to it upon a written permission from TujiaStudio. 8) TujiaStudio reserves the right to change the price of this software without prior notice. Disclaimer of Warranty THIS SOFTWARE IS DISTRIBUTED 'AS IS'. NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. YOU USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR SELECTING THE SOFTWARE TO ACHIEVE YOUR INTENDED RESULTS, AND FOR THE INSTALLATION OF, USE OF, AND RESULTS OBTAINED FROM THE SOFTWARE. THE AUTHOR WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DATA LOSS, DAMAGES, LOSS OF PROFITS OR ANY OTHER KIND OF LOSS WHILE USING OR MISUSING THIS SOFTWARE AND(OR) ANY KIND OF DATA DERIVED.



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